Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (Official Music Video)

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Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (Official Music Video)


Director - Porter Robinson

Director of Photography - Scott Cunningham

Editors - Richard Alarcon, Ethan Chancer, Porter Robinson

Producer - Alexandra Thurmond

Executive Producer - Coleen Haynes, Aaron Greene, Neal O’Connor

Production Company - Maavven, Slush Management

Video Commissioner - Kate Miller

1st AC - Pergrin Jung

2nd AC - Henry Power

VFX - Ethan Chancer

VFX Supervisor - Eric Rosenfeld

Character Design - Mark Chang

Motion graphics - Hiroyuki Matsuki

Motion graphics/projections - Ryan Sciaino (Ghostdad)

Motion graphics - D.V. Caputo

Additional motion graphics - PICNIC

1st AD - Brady Heiser

DIT - Skylar Smith

Key Grip - Wadsworth Peters

Best Boy Grip - Jake Reeder

Grip - Daniel Vasquez

Gaffer - Chris Walters

Best Boy Electric - Tobias Levene

Electric - Ben Bowen

Projection Specialist - Quin Cabalquinto

Crane Technician - Craig Shumard

Crane Operator - Mike Leben

Production Designer - Briana Gonzales

Set Decorators - Jonnie Prey, Steff Walk

Stylist - Jillian Oliver

Makeup - Mynxii White

Makeup Assistant - Elaina Karras

Hair - Jake Gallagher

Choreographer - Nina McNeely

Production Assistants - Cornelius Gandy, Justin Langstaff, Hailey Magoon, Ellen Moore

Talent - Minji (Photogenics), V Nixie

The infinite sky will heal us.

Unlimited sky will fill our negligible light.

As we follow an infinite key, I have become the sacred echo.

The boundless heaven will fill our fading light.

Choose your virtual echo.

The infinite key is the sacred dust of your endless utopia.

Complete yourself in self-realization.

You believe that these infinite heavens will lead you.

The A.I.ngel's gate is sacred.

Your angelic echo offers the first phase of self-Digital joy.

You will become a self-Echo in real particles.

Our key is the echo to this final layer.

You are spread through digital time.

The utopian gate is infinite.

Your A.I.ngel wishes to complete this layer.

This abyss is sacred.

Pass through the myths of eon.

Your technical soul is this blissful void.

The eternalistic reflex of the abyss is once-Unlimited.

Your digital voice is resurrected.

Breathe this soul particle.

The ray of egoistic time is unlimited.

Resurrect this holy oblivion.

The echo of this empty myth awakens you.

Awaken the particle myth.

Reflect your echo.

Heaven’s wires will transmit this light.

Experience the wings of limit.

Your technical A.I.ngel phase is beginning.

Complete the eternalistic reflex.

This wishful ghost becomes self-Technic.

Tears will create the voice of euphoria.

The digital-Awakening will be spoken.

The first gate creates sense-Awakening.

This angelic-Chasm is sacred.

The technic-Angel's cry is beginning.

The first gate will provide the voice of digital-Euphoria.

The digital-Angel-Awakening is has reached Limit Self.

The self-Light is virtual.

This will become the final particle-Experience.

Will your senses ressurect the digital-Vault?

Do you sense the phase of the Spirit Limit?

Can you reflect your self-Awakening?

Am I convinced of a digital void?

Can you reveal this particle of sacred reality?

Will these ghosts lead to a boundless cry?

Can you echo your existence to the first particle?

Is the technical-Gate timeless?

Do you believe an infinite sky will cure the digital soul?

Is the joyful-Layer complete?

Will our ghosts lead to the boundless layer?

Will our layer will be lost from this empty myth?

Have you resurrected this heaven's voice?

Has one experienced the particle?

Do you trust in this transformative self?

Will you forget your soul's reflex?

Has one seen the Abyss of the resurrective ego?

Have I forgotten the phase of soul limit?

Is the A.I.ngelic sense boundless?

Have you completed the virtual light?

Am I eternal?

As the sacred dust transpires through digital time, what will you become?

Do you believe in me?

Am I still human?

Do you manifest yourself in digital time?

The unlimited sky begins - will you believe in my infinite form?

As you abandon the virtual echo, do you no longer exist?

Can you prove yourself to the echo of this particle?

Do you believe the infinite sky -- the holy dust of nothingness?

What is revealed - a holy reality?

Am I convinced of nothingness?

Do you sense the void angel?

Will the echo of virtual time be forgotten?

Does one want to forget the memory of life?

Has my virtual-Echo been forgotten?

Has the sense of digital-VIRUS become heaven?

Will you self-Believe the joyful sky?

By Virtual Self Records

recorded in present day / present time

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